Accommodation: Important Information

We are not able to provide overnight accommodation for this conference.
It is important for anyone who is planning to stay in Cardiff on Friday 12th June (the final day of the Martial Arts Studies Conference) to book their accommodation as soon as possible.
This is because there is an international football match taking place in the Cardiff Millennium Stadium on Friday 12th June 2015 – i.e., on the final evening of the Martial Arts Studies conference. This will have an impact on the availability of hotel and B&B rooms in Cardiff on that night.
To give some indication of scale: recently a major scientific conference due to take place in Cardiff was cancelled because it had been scheduled on the same day as a One Direction concert. Now, the Martial Arts Studies conference is up against a Wales-Belgium soccer match – which is hardly a One Direction concert: rugby is very much the major sport in Wales; football is a poor relative. But, still, some hotels will definitely sell out early. So we would urge those of you who are serious about attending the conference to consider booking EARLY. (Early is always a good idea when it comes to Friday night accommodation in a UK city anyway, because ‘weekend city breaks’ are a big thing.)
Here are some tips for searching for accommodation for this conference in Cardiff:
  • Our venue is Bute Building, King Edward VII Avenue, Cardiff, CF10 3NB. Google maps should identify this building clearly, and enable you to calculate distances between it and any hotel you are considering.
  • As you will see, Bute Building is in the heart of the University, close to the City Hall, and walking distance from the city centre.
  • Cardiff is not a huge city. Anything that says “in the city” or “close to Cardiff Castle” is ideal. You could also comfortably stay down in “the Bay” and be within a good distance; or further inland/out of the City.
  • Public transport and taxis are abundant and affordable (as long as you’re not trying to use them near the stadium when everyone is leaving it).
  • All the major hotel groups have hotels in and around Cardiff.
  • The closest five star hotels to the venue are The Hilton and The Park Plaza. Slightly further away are The Holiday Inn and a range of lower budget hotels.
  • Cardiff is also replete with “B&Bs” (“Bed and Breakfast”) and other forms of lodging accommodation – i.e., often a room in a house – often cheaper than hotels, but often involving a shared bathroom, etc.)
  • There are also private student lettings companies, which have private halls and flats. I have not yet made enquiries with these sorts of companies, but I will do so soon.
  • If push comes to shove, it is not unreasonable to look further afield: Newport 15 minutes away by train and is likely to have much cheaper accommodation than Cardiff. Trains run between Cardiff and Newport from early until late. So this is definitely an option.

Hopefully these tips should help you orientate yourself in your search for accommodation.

One thought on “Accommodation: Important Information

  1. Rooms still available at the Travelodge, Cardiff Central Queen Street (according to Google, only a few minutes away on foot). £35 per night, except Friday, which has jumped to £92, all on their Saver (non-refundable) rate. Cheapest place I could find when I booked including looking at the YHA, B&Bs and AirBnB. Here is the Travelodge website: They also have other hotels in central Cardiff.

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