Stefanie Sachsenmaier

Stefanie Sachsenmaier (PhD Middlesex University, DEA Sorbonne Nlle, MA Goldsmiths College) is Senior Lecturer in Performing Arts at Middlesex University. She trains tai chi chuan under Sifu Gary Wragg at Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy London, Bethnal Green, and is a certified Wu Style Federation instructor and member of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. She is co-organiser of the international London Competition for Traditional Tai Chi Chuan and competes in national as well as international competitions, where she has won several medals both in pushing hands as well as hand and weapon forms categories, such as at the British Open, the European Championships and the International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation Competition in Singapore. After becoming a Closed Door member of Sifu Gary Wragg in 2009, she received discipleship through Grandmaster Wu Kwong Yu in Hong Kong in 2012. With a background as a performer, her research interests and publications relate to the processual in creative practice. She has published several articles related to her ongoing research with choreographer Rosemary Butcher and her co-edited publication Collaboration in Performance Practice: Premises, Workings and Failures with Noyale Colin is forthcoming with Palgrave Macmillan in 2015.


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