susan pui san lok

Susan Pui San Lok is an artist, writer and Associate Professor in Fine Art at Middlesex University. Exhibition and publication projects range across installation, moving image, sound, performance and text, evolving out of interests in notions of nostalgia and aspiration, place and migration, translation and diaspora. Commissioned works include Lightness at De La Warr Pavilion (2012); Faster, Higher at BFI Southbank, Hatton Gallery, Winchester Discovery Centre Gallery and MAI, Montreal (2008-14); DIY Ballroom/Live (2007-08), a Cornerhouse/BBC Bigger Picture national touring project; and Golden (2005-07) at Beaconsfield, London, and Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CfCCA), Manchester. She has published three artist books, various book chapters and journal articles, and serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Visual Culture, where she was formerly an editor (2006-13). Forthcoming projects include RoCH Fans and Legends exploring Jin Yong’s wuxia classic, The Condor Trilogy, for solo exhibitions at Derby QUAD and CfCCA (2015).


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