Tommaso Gianni

Tommaso Gianni is a visiting lecturer in the College of Physical Education at the University of Suwon, Republic of Korea, where he teaches on comparative martial arts cultures. He is currently conducting ethnographic research on comparative martial art pedagogies. His paper titled ‘Tang Hao e la sua ricerca sulle origini della tradizione [Tang Hao and his quest for the origins of a tradition]’ was presented at the first I.M.A.C.S.S.S. conference in Genova (Italy). In 2013, it was published in the edited volume, Gioco, Dramma, Rito nelle arti marziali e negli sport da combattimento. He also wrote the preface to Antonio Riccio’s Global Taichi (forthcoming) and has had several articles; an article-review about Wushu history and other martial arts topics published in the popular press. His M.A. in Chinese Studies was from SOAS in London. He has extensive martial arts experience in a variety of styles including Escrima and is an assistant Wing Tsun instructor.


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