Martial Arts Studies Conference 2015

2015-06-13 18.17.40
Martial Arts Studies: An International Interdisciplinary Conference
Cardiff University 
10-12 June 2015

What is martial arts studies? What could it be? Is it a specific new field or is it always going to be a subsection of other disciplines? What are the possibilities and limitations of creating or developing martial arts studies? What are its key concerms, problematics, theories, orientations, and methodologies, and why? Building on recent work, such as the 2014 special issue of JOMEC Journal on martial arts studies, this conference invites proposals for 20 minute papers that engage with key questions about the field, as well as papers that present current work in any aspect martial arts studies.

Keynote Speakers:
  • Professor Stephen Chan, OBE (SOAS)
  • Professor Meaghan Morris (Sydney)
  • Professor Douglas Farrer (Guam)
  • Dr Ben Judkins (independent scholar)

Conference Organiser

Dr Paul Bowman (Cardiff University)


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