Possible Conference Travel Disruption

It seems there may be a rail strike that will affect services all over the UK from 9th to 11th June. As the Martial Arts Studies conference begins on 10th June, this could cause travel problems for some people.

My hope is that the strike will be called off. But if it isn’t, I am not sure about the level of disruption it will cause to rail services. An earlier strike is being planned for the week before our conference, and I will attempt to monitor the level of disruption caused to services into Cardiff during the first strike. This should help to clarify how much trouble a strike on the 10th is likely to cause.

For anyone who wants to look into this themselves, UK rail information is here: http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/; but I will be monitoring developments closely and will try to keep you all informed.

For anyone who has not yet bought train tickets, or who decides to look into different means of travel, you might consider the following (cheaper) options:

National Express (coach) http://www.nationalexpress.com/home.aspx

Megabus (coach) http://uk.megabus.com/

I expect these coach services will be in more demand during any rail strike, so it may be prudent to consider booking early, just in case. Plus, as I say, you are likely to save some money – possibly quite a lot – if you travel by coach.

Anyone who is really concerned, please contact me and I’ll offer advice.

Also, anyone who might be prepared to consider offering a lift to another conference-goer, please also let me know: BowmanP@cardiff.ac.uk


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