Visiting Scholars

We are very pleased to announce that Douglas Eacersall will be attending Cardiff University as a visiting scholar to carry out martial arts studies research under the supervision of Paul Bowman in the Autumn of 2015. Douglas is a Doctor of Philosophy candidate in the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry at the University of Queensland, Australia. He has worked on a number of research projects in the areas of History and Sociolinguistics including a major Australian Research Council project examining language and cultural maintenance in the Australian Sudanese community. His forthcoming doctoral thesis White Men Sporting Swords: The Revival of Western Martial Pursuits in Australia, 1969-2012 is a history which examines the ways in which predominately male practitioners of European descent have engaged with a martial sporting activity. In terms of his martial arts background Douglas has participated in a number of Asian arts including Kendo, Aikido, Muay thai, Iaijutsu, Ninjutsu, Taijiquan and Xingyiquan as well as non-Asian arts, such as the Maori art of Mau Rakau and Western historical swordplay. He currently leads the Historical School of Defence study group in his local area.

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