Martial Arts Studies Film Competition


The Martial Arts Studies Conference at Cardiff University in June 2015 was a great success. Kind donations from Rowman and Littlefield International and RDX Sports were used to help students to attend, by covering some of their costs.

We want to continue to support research students and at the same time to carry out important martial arts studies work.

So we have decided to run a competition that can help one or more students and that can also advance the field of martial arts studies.

Here’s the plan: make a short five minute film on any aspect of martial arts and submit it to us. We will host the films on martial arts studies media channels and assemble a committee to judge the entries.

Winners will have free conference registration, free conference dinners and (if possible)* free conference accommodation at the next Martial Arts Studies Conference at Cardiff University in July 2016.

It’s as simple as that.

You may want to document an obscure martial arts style for posterity, or give insight into a system, culture or field of practice. You may want to deal with theoretical or practical issues in martial arts studies. You may want to showcase your own research. You may want to do any number of possible things. And we are open to them all.

Just share your five minute film with us and allow us to host it open access on various platforms (i.e., YouTube and Vimeo). We’ll give you full credit as creator, of course. And you will be helping to advance the visibility and insights of martial arts studies as well as standing a chance of free registration, meals and accommodation at the Martial Arts Studies Conference in Cardiff in 2016.

The Deadline for Submissions is 31st December 2015.

If you have any questions, contact Paul Bowman on

* We are attempting to secure flats in Cardiff University Halls of Residence for attendees. However, availability is yet to be confirmed.


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