Filip Marić 2016

Filip Marić


A walloping promise – Abstract

There is an almost overwhelming amount of media claiming and making an equally overwhelming promise inherent in the martial arts that will be fulflilled and become a reality to those who practice in the martial arts. Whether it is communicated in subliminal or overt messages in movies, glaring headlines on specialized and popular culture magazines, websites used to promote styles, schools and organizations, philosophically oriented books, instructional publications, or else, to many of us, this promise, or some part of it is deeply related to our original motivation that began our study of the martial arts. In varying terms, it is the promise of a somehow better life, greater health, strength, a sense of calmness, maybe ‘cool’, a king of wisdom, etc etc.

Drawing on my doctoral thesis, an autoethnographic exploration of the combined practice and study of physiotherapy, budo, zazen, shiatsu, and other sources of inspiration, this presentation will explore whether this is an reasonable promise or walloping lie, and if and what we might do to settle the score, or not. In opening toward further discusssion, this poses the question whether media representation and embodied practice need to match at all, or are better off as worlds apart.

Filip Marić, Phd (cand), MHSc – Bio

After reading the promises of martial arts in countless movies and the books of Erich Fromm, Filip Marić has been practicing and studying a variety of arts ever since. Following training in physiotherapy, the need to bring together passion and profession quickly became apparent, thus leading to a variety of efforts in this direction including e.g. training in Shiatsu. Several subsequent years of practice across these domains later, his current doctoral thesis (AUT Auckland, NZ, submission 05/2016) marks another personal and professional milestone along this journey of exploring this combined study and practice and its potential in yet another way.