Nancy Watterson, Lan Tran, Rich Kelly and Lipyeow Lim 2016


Mindfulness, Metacognition, and Martial Arts: I Liq Chuan and Arts of Awareness


Higher education today longs for pedagogies that embrace diverse learning styles, multiple intelligences, and differentiated instruction that will empower learners in the classroom, influence life-long learning, and prepare students to become ever more globally aware. How, though, to introduce such innovative practices intentionally? Some educational contexts use experiential, community-based, and service learning approaches while others turn to contemplative education and mindfulness studies to influence mindsets, attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors that may assist students in negotiating the complexities of living in a pluralistic world. For our part, in this session, we 4 presenters propose an interactive (roundtable) session that foregrounds how we have used the integrative, meta-cognitive practices that comprise I Liq Chuan: The Martial Art of Awareness as an interdisciplinary, integrative, academic approach that connects well with contemporary research into teaching and learning; namely, helping students to understand how we learn, how we move, and how to use this processual knowledge and heightened awareness in everyday life.



In this session the 4 presenters, all ILC educator-practitioners, will introduce preliminary insights (and most apt research literature) about the benefits of integrating ILC skills into academic settings and the rubrics we have piloted for examining concrete observables (about the processes of training to learn about learning). The balance of the session will lead participants through some of the basic exercises we have incorporated into our courses use that offer students concepts, principles tools for integrating awareness into their daily lives. I Liq Chuan (ILC) cultivates skills that clarify attention and sharpen all the senses, including listening through touch, working collaboratively with partners. Participants in this sessions will get a taste of the curriculum through which students train to recognize their own alignment, balance, and conditions in the moment—thus starting the process of shifting their mindsets; recognizing the efficacy of taking responsibility for their own learning; and connecting their mind and body so they can literally feel their own transformations.


Presenter Bios:

Nancy Watterson, Ph.D. and Lan Tran, level 3 I Liq Chuan students, co-teach two full-credit academic courses that revolve around I Liq Chuan, one at the undergraduate level at Cabrini College and one graduate-level at the University of Pennsylvania. Rich Kelly, a level 7 ILC practitioner and one of the top US instructors, teaches a range of courses at the Living Seed, in NY, key among those an innovative children’s curriculum. Lipyeow Lim, Ph.D., ILC practitioner since 2004 is in process of developing an academic ILC course at the University of Hawaii Manoa.