March 2016 Updates

The next Research Network Event is on current debates in martial arts cinema, and is taking place on April 1st at Birmingham City University. This event is pretty full now, and I will soon close the bookings. So if you really want to attend, please register pronto.

As for the Cardiff conference of 19-21 July, I have begun to work on the schedule. One of the first tasks has been to organise all of the draft titles, abstracts and bios.

If you are interested in seeing who is presenting what at the conference, then please follow this link.

More importantly, if you are presenting at the conference, please check the information I hold for you and your talk. I am missing biographical notes for some people, for instance. If you want to make any additions or amendments, please email me and I will update the master document, which will ultimately be used for the conference literature.

Finally – and crucially – if you are presenting at the Cardiff Conference, please register as soon as possible. I will not be able to construct a firm schedule or timetable until I know who is seriously intending to come – and really the only thing I can take as evidence of a serious intention to come to the conference is registration. So, please do me a favour and register sooner… Thanks!

OK, that’s all from me for the moment. As usual, any questions, just email me. If not – I’ll see some of you in Birmingham in a couple of weeks, and some more of you in Cardiff in July!

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