Tamiaho Herangi-Searancke 2016

Maori Warrior Epistemology (Triangulation of Meaning; Body, Mind & Spirit).

Epistemology as viewed by the Maori Warrior as an ancient stream of knowledge that continues through (living & dying) like the sacred staff, illuminating insights and wisdoms through lived experiences. Maori Epistemology is a spiritual principle that nests itself in a wider and wider space of Truth in deeper and deeper dimensions. The Triangulation of Meaning; the synergy of Body, Mind & Spirit, then lends itself to the quantum (authentic) leap into new ways of viewing reality and challenging what is perceived as time, space and knowing – where the eternal struggle of forms objective, subjective and cultural are in direct collision. Genuine knowledge must be experienced directly, as it assists in the organisation of Triangulation to become the Architects of meaning shaping spaces yet unseen.

Tamiaho Herangi-Searancke Biography:

Tamiaho was born February 2nd, 1979, beneath the sacred rising Sun star of Sirius which signals harvest is in abundance. He is a Master of all traditional Maori Weaponry (short and long staff), Sports Athlete, Academic, Culturally and Spiritually Leader.

In other forums of National & Central Government Education, Health and Business, Tamiaho is a National Director in Sport Fitness & Health, Traditional Weaponry Martial Arts, Traditional Game Skills, Traditional Warrior dance and performance arenas.

Tamiaho grew up in the heartland of Northland New Zealand under the chieftainship of his Grandfather (renowned World War 2 Commander) and his High Ranking Nana (Dame Whina Cooper – Paramount Chieftainess of the Northern Tribes). The Eldest of 10 children he was thrust into Leadership roles and obligations from an early age, and before he was 10 years old he had powerfully memorized over a 5000 years of genealogy and sacred history of his people. He now spends every waking moment passing on this rare intelligence to the young people for preservation for generations to come. In his Adolescence years Tamiaho purposefully moved to live within the tribal lands of his central Waikato people. At an early age he was inducted fully into the tribes Warrior Class house of learning skills at arms, to which he would later (currently) hold the prestigious role of Guardianship, Protectorate and Master in Rituals to the New Zealand Maori King Tuheitia Paki.

At 36 years of age Tamiaho believes he still has much to learn about life and the values handed down through the passages of time by his ancestors. As that journey continues to unfold, he will give everything he has to the positive development and advancements of potentials of all peoples of Aotearoa New Zealand and indeed the world in which we live.