Countdown to Conference 2016!


The conference is almost upon us, so here are some quick but important updates.

First things first: Food

Lunches will be provided for all during the conference, and we have two dinners scheduled – one on Tuesday 19th at ’29 Park Place’, and one on Thursday 21st at Aberdare Hall  (I have left Wednesday evening free, but I daresay some voluntary activities will be proposed neared the time.)

If you have not yet filled in the Doodle Poll to register your attendance at the conference dinners, please do so right now. Spaces are limited. Also, we need to place our orders with the University Caterers well in advance.

Note: We will be closing the registration for the Conference Dinners on Tuesday 28th June (UK time, not US time!)

Second: Movement.

One of our keynotes, Professor Adam Frank, has proposed some morning tai chi push hands sessions. I think this is a great idea. If the weather is fine, anyone interested can play in the rose garden across the road in front of Bute Building. If the weather is not fine, I will book some space inside Bute Building.

I propose an 08:30 start on Wednesday and Thursday morning. Those of you who are keener, or who went to bed earlier the night before, can of course start earlier. And anyone who has never done tai chi push hands but would like to give it a try, feel free to come along too.

Third: Films

You may recall that after our opening keynote on Tuesday, we will be moving over to a gastro-pub called 29 Park Place  where, we will be drinking, eating, and screening a few short films. Most of the film-makers themselves will be with us, which is great – so we can discuss their work with them in an informal environment.

I have started to upload the films to a YouTube playlist called ‘Conference Films 2016’ on our Martial Arts Studies YouTube Channel  Have a look, and keep checking back regularly, as I will be adding several more films to the list over the next couple of weeks.

OK, I think that’s just about all of the updates for now. Any questions – feel free to ask!

See you soon!


Dr Paul Bowman

Professor of Cultural Studies

JOMEC, Cardiff University, UK

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