Belated Update…


In the brief snatches of time that I’ve managed to forge out between catching up with everything after July’s Martial Arts Studies Conference and the start of the new teaching term, I have been working on my paper for next week’s big martial arts studies conference in Cologne.

I’ve finally finished a draft of my paper, which is called ‘What Can A Martial Body Do For Society: Or, Theory Before Definition In Martial Arts Studies’… Since I posted that version on the Academia site I have already tweaked it and changed it a bit, so I imagine it could be even more different by next Friday, when I present it.

In other news, I am slowly but surely uploading the videos of July’s Martial Arts Studies conference keynotes to our Martial Arts Studies YouTube Channel. It’s been slow going, but I’ll hopefully get the final two videos up next week.

Hopefully see some of you in Cologne next week!