Confirmed Speakers 2017

Bowman, Paul The Triviality of Martial Arts Studies Cardiff University
Bryden, Michael Women’s Boxing and Sports Criminology University of Portsmouth
Burkart, Eric How you fight is who you are: Technique, Identity and narratives of self-reassurance University of Trier
Chan, Thomas Transformation of Kung Fu and Martial Club in a Capitalist city –Hong Kong Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Choi, Bok Kyu Qi jiguang’s Body Types Strategy for Martial arts and its Application in Joseon Dynasty Korean Institute of Martial Arts
Davies, Philip The Origins and Evolution of Pencak Silat Brunel University
Delamont, Sara Tales of a Tireur: The Life of a Savate Teacher in the UK Cardiff University
Delamont, Sara Wounded Warriors: The Injury Narratives of Advanced UK capoeiristas Cardiff University
Dias, Everton Martial Arts Media and Spectacle: A study on mixed martial arts Miami
Gagné, Sylvain Prolegomena for the teaching and academic research of martial arts: the empowerment of a field of knowledge Université Laval
Gianni, Tommaso Comparing the Chinese paradigm of martial culture with Japan: The Embodiment of wenwu 文 武 University of Suwon
Gowtham, PS Narratives around martial arts in India Shiv Nadar University
Hay, Alexander ‘Breaking of the Targe’ – Scottish martial arts and the cultural history of Culloden Southampton Solent University
Hoekstra, Nicholas Teaching and Learning Inclusive Martial Arts: Perspectives from a Blind Martial Artist World Intellectual Property Organisation
Honeycutt, Damon Martial Partner Practice as Collaborative Artistic Research Artist
Istas, Leo Martial Education in German Curricula: From Nazi Reich to Present Day Cologne Sports University
Jaquet, Daniel University of Geneva
Jehu, Lyn The Perception of Mental Toughness Attributes in Karate Teaching University of South Wales
Jennings, George Out of the Labyrinth: The Recently Invented Mexican Martial Arts Riding the Wave of Mexicanidad Cardiff Metropolitan University
John, Zoe Tampons and Toughness: Body Politics in Mixed Martial Arts Cardiff University
Judkins, Ben Cornell University
Keller, Sebastian HEMA – A model case for martial arts studies? University of Regensburg
Kenklies, Karsten Wisdom of the Sword: Cutting through the Western Educational Mind University of Strathclyde
Kolanad, Gitanjali Striking a Balance – the relationship between dancing and fighting Shiv Nadar University
Labouret, Victor How a conceptual description of a martial art helps to remodel its pedagogy: the example of the Kinomichi Kinomichi Teacher
Lloyd, Issie Wounded Warriors: The Injury Narratives of Advanced UK capoeiristas Dance Development Teacher
Lorge, Peter Invention ‘traditional martial arts’ Vanderbilt University
Magnan-Park, Aaron “We are Not Sick Men!: Bruce Lee and the Restoration of China’s Pre-Confucian Martial Virtue” University of Hong Kong
McGuire, Colin Music and Martial Arts: Heroic Display through Violent Musicking in Kung Fu University College Cork
Moore, Brian Wellbeing Warriors: Mental Health and the Martial Arts Macquarie University
Morris, Meaghan Disenchanting Jianghu: historical experience and the kung fu refusenik in cinema University of Sydney
Mroz, Daniel Martial Partner Practice as Collaborative Artistic Research University of Ottawa
Partikova, Veronika Self-orientation in Chinese martial arts context Hong Kong Baptist University
Pedrini, Lorenzo Sparring in Italian Gym Boxing Classes: Towards the Study of Embodied Politics in Combat Sports University of Milano Bicocca
Pellerin, Eric Lau Kar Leung as Kung Fu Auteur and the Pedagogy of Martial Arts City University of New York
Porchet, Pierrick Circulation of kinesic practices and representations in Chinese martial arts University of Geneva
Southwood, James Tales of a Tireur: The Life of a Savate Teacher in the UK GB Savate
Stephens, Neil Wounded Warriors: The Injury Narratives of Advanced UK capoeiristas Brunel University
Wetzler, Sixt The problem of violence: martial arts as coping strategy German Blade Museum, Solingen
White, Luke The Ethics of Violence in the Kung Fu Comedy Middlesex University
Steimer, Lauren Experts in Action: a New Paradigm for the Analysis of Action Genre Performance in Martial Arts Studies University of South Carolina
Mak, Ricardo K. S. Traditional Chinese Martial Arts in Hong Kong since the 1980s Hong Kong Baptist University