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Happy New… Issue!

May I wish you either another or an early Happy New Year (being as we are pretty much half way between the turn of the Gregorian and the Chinese New Year).

I want to say happy new year at this precise moment in time because I am delighted to announce that issue three of the journal Martial Arts Studies has just been published.

It is available, free, online and open access, from two main places.

We are all very pleased with this issue. If you want a quick overview of the journal’s contents, have a look Ben Judkins’ short publication announcement on the Kung Fu Tea blog (here).

Conference Update

May I also remind you that we will soon be reaching the end of the discount early-bird registration period for the 2017 Martial Arts Studies Conference in Cardiff.

We do this to encourage early registration so that we have a clearer idea of numbers which helps when booking venues, rooms, and reserving University Accommodation, etc. So, in order to help us with the planning and also to save yourself some money, why not register sooner rather than later?

(NB: if you submit an abstract/proposal before the end of the early-bird registration period, I will endeavour to give you confirmation of acceptance (or otherwise) as quickly as possible, to give you time to register at the cheaper rate.)

For those of you travelling to Cardiff, please be forewarned that Coldplay are playing at the arena over the dates of the conference. This will mean that hotels, BnBs and other lodgings in the city will already be filling up. Prices almost invariably rise when a big concert is on in the city too.

Because of this accommodation problem, I am in the process of organising accommodation at two of Cardiff University’s halls (Aberdare and Senghennydd). People who register for the conference will in due course receive an email from me about booking a room in one of these halls. You will get the email from me as soon as the University provide me with a link for you all to make your bookings. So don’t panic yet. It will all be sorted out in due course.

Of course, for some people, a Coldplay concert may not be a ‘problem’. If you like Coldplay, you could attend the conference and the concert in the same visit to Cardiff.


Another Conference that will be of interest to many of you is the IMACSSS Conference, which will be taking place from 6-8 September 2017 in Osaka:

And another publication that some of you may be interested in is the second monograph in the Martial Arts Studies Book Series – Mythologies of Martial Arts, written by yours truly.

And Finally

Mario Staller & Swen Körner are carrying out research into self-defence coaching, and would like to ask anyone who teaches self defence to complete this short survey:

Best wishes,


Paul Bowman

Professor of Cultural Studies

School of Journalism, Media & Cultural Studies

Cardiff University

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