Has Martial Arts Studies had an Impact?

As you may know, last year the Martial Arts Studies Research Network received funding for conferences and activities from the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). This funding is soon (too soon) coming to an end.

In order to apply for further funding, I need to show the AHRC (or indeed any other possible funder) that our network activities to date have had an impact or influence.

So, I am calling on those who have encountered our activities to ponder this question: has the encounter changed anything you do?

Maybe you encountered the Martial Arts Studies Research Network directly, by attending one of our events or conferences. Or maybe you have encountered us indirectly, by reading one of our associated blogs, or by watching one of the talks on our YouTube channel.

In either case, has this changed anything that you do?

The AHRC thinks about change in terms of two contexts.

  • The first is ‘inside the university’. So, if you are in a university, have any of our activities altered or enriched anything that you do in terms of your writing, teaching or research?
  • The second AHRC context is ‘outside the university’, or ‘in society’, or ‘in the community’. So, have any of our activities altered or enriched anything that you do in non-academic places – whether that be, say, teaching martial arts, any outreach activities you may do, any community building, film making, writing, or anything like that?

The more examples I can give of the Martial Arts Studies Research Network having an influence, impact, or changing people’s activities or lives, in any small or large way, the more chance I have of winning further funding to continue our activities.

So, please don’t be shy. If something changed after attending, participating, viewing or reading something related to Martial Arts Studies, please let me know.

Indeed, if you have a good idea for developing something new that occurred to you thanks to something we’ve done, please let me know. One of the types of funding I’m applying for is called ‘follow on funding’. This would allow us to develop projects that link up academic work with communities or society more widely.

So, please don’t be modest or shy. You may think your change was little, but others – including funding bodies – may regard it as something significant, that they’d like to sponsor further.

To discuss anything about this, please contact me by email: BowmanP@cardiff.ac.uk

For your information: the official network site is here  my blog is here  the Facebook page is here, the YouTube channel is here, and the Twitter feed is here. Also, of course, the academic journal is here.

For anyone out there who has a blog, website, or association that they would be happy to say is intellectually and ethically affiliated with the Martial Arts Studies Research Network, please also let me know.

Thank you!