Keynotes 2017

Keynotes for our July 2017 conference include:

  • Benjamin N. Judkins (Cornell University), co-founder and co-editor of the journal Martial Arts Studies, founder and editor of the long-running martial arts studies blog, Kung Fu Tea (, and co-author of The Creation of Wing Chun (SUNY Press).
  • Gitanjali Kolanad (Shiv Nadar University). Gitanjali Kolanad was involved in the practice, performance, and teaching of bharata natyam for close to forty years, performing in major cities in Europe, America and India. Her short story collection “Sleeping with Movie Stars” was published in January 2011 by Penguin India. She has written numerous articles on aspects of Indian dance for well-known Indian publications. She is the 2016 Singapore International Writer in Residence with NUS University Scholars Program and The Arts House. She co-founded IMPACT, which teaches and promotes Indian martial art forms. Presently she a professor at Shiv Nadar University, developing their performing arts program.
  • Professor Peter Lorge (Vanderbilt University), author of The Reunification of China: Peace Through War under the Song Dynasty (Cambridge, 2015), Chinese Martial Arts: From Antiquity to the Twenty-First Century (Cambridge University Press, 2012), The Asian Military Revolution: From Gunpowder to the Bomb (Cambridge University Press, 2008), and War, Politics and Society in Early Modern China (Routledge, 2005), co-editor of Chinese and Indian Warfare: From the Classical Age to 1870 (Routledge, 2014), and editor of Debating War in Chinese History (Brill, 2013), Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms (The Chinese University Press, 2011), and Warfare in China to 1600 (Ashgate, 2005).
  • Professor Meaghan Morris (University of Sydney). Professor Meaghan Morris is a figure of world stature in the field of Cultural Studies. She was recently Chair of the Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society and of the international Association for Cultural Studies (ACS), 2004-08. A Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities, the Hong Kong Academy of the Humanities, and a former ARC Senior Fellow, from 2000-2012 she was founding Chair Professor of Cultural Studies at Lingnan University, Hong Kong.
  • Sixt Wetzler (Deutsches Klingenmuseum – German Blade Museum, Solingen). Sixt Wetzler studied religious studies, Scandinavian literature, and medieval history at the universities of Tübingen, Reykjavík, and Freiburg. He finished his PhD on ‘The Martial Arts of Medieval Iceland: Literary representation and historical form’ in 2016. Wetzler is a member of the board of spokesmen of the commission Kampfkunst und Kampfsport (Martial Arts and Combat Sports) in the dvs (German Association for Sports Sciences). He works as curator for the Deutsches Klingenmuseum (German Blade Museum), Solingen, with a focus on the European fencing tradition and other blade fighting systems, and is among the highest ranked European practitioners of Pekiti Tirsia Kali, a Filipino martial art.


  • To see a list of all confirmed speakers, click here

Confirmed Speakers: Bath Event on Japanese Martial Arts

edith-garrud-suffragettes-700Edith Garrud, jujitsu trainer to the Suffragette bodyguard, born in Bath, UK

Here is the final line up of speakers (in alphabetical order, not running order) for the next Martial Arts Studies Research Network Event, ‘New Research on Japanese Martial Arts’, which will take place on 3rd May 2017, at the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution.


Paul Bowman (Cardiff University), Michael Molasky (Waseda University)

Confirmed speakers and titles:

Bok Kyu CHOI (Korean Institute of Martial Arts): ‘Dissemination of Japanese Martial Arts to Korea’

Emelyne GODFREY (independent researcher): ‘Bartitsu and Suffragette Jujitsu of the early 20th century’

George JENNINGS (Cardiff Metropolitan University): ‘Japanese Philosophy and Global Sociology: Possibilities for an International Martial Arts Studies’

Tetsuya NAKAJIMA (Ibaraki University): ‘An Ethnographic Study of Shinkage-ryu’

Andreas NIEHAUS (Ghent University): ‘Enlightening the World: Narrating and (Re)presenting the Life of Kanô Jigorô and Ueshiba Morihei in Manga’

Keiko NITTA (Rikkyo University): ‘Critique of Violence in Asian Martial Arts Films: How Mythopoeia Has Displaced It’

Yasuhiro SAKAUE (Hitotsubashi University): ‘The Creation of Kendo’s Self-Image: 1868-1945’

Kotaro YABU (Sendai University): ‘The Dissemination of Judo in Early Twentieth-Century America: The Mission and Struggles of a Pioneer Judoka’