Conference is Coming (and the journal too)

2015-06-14 12.07.35

Just a quick note about two things: first, the conference, which will be here before you know it; and second, an update about the next issue of the Martial Arts Studies journal, which will be arriving around the same time.

First things first, and most importantly: conference registration and accommodation booking both close, finally and definitively, in 48 hours.

If you have not registered for the conference and/or for accommodation before 22nd June, you will be unable to attend and/or take advantage of our accommodation offer. Don’t let this happen!

I am working out the conference schedule now. The main structure is set in place, but the schedule of individual papers and panels is yet to be finalised. But here are the headlines:

We will meet on the afternoon of 11th July in Bute Building for Registration and the first keynote. This will be Professor Peter Lorge. Timing is not completely finalised yet, but we are likely to start between 3pm and 4pm.

After this opening keynote, we will have a drinks reception, like last year (the one where we blew that horn a lot – and, yes, we will be doing it again). Then we will go over to the pub for food and drinks.

Day two (12th July) begins with a keynote, then panels, then lunch. After lunch there will be a similar structure of keynote, panels, breaks, and evening keynote. Then we will have a conference dinner in Aberdare Hall (where most of us are staying).

Day three (13th) will have the same structure in the morning, but in the afternoon we will have the conference workshop and closing roundtable debate. The title of this is ‘Communicating Embodied Knowledge’, and information about it is here.

The plan is this. I will first present the overarching theme of the workshop. Then, a few other people will follow up with their initial take on the problematic, its problems and possibilities. We will then have some initial discussion about this as one group, before breaking out into a few smaller groups for more focused discussion and debate on specific approaches. Afterwards, we all reconvene and hold a closing roundtable debate on all the matters raised.

After this, we go across the road The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama for our closing conference dinner.

So, that’s the conference. I am looking forward to it a huge amount.

As for the journal: issue four of Martial Arts Studies (Summer 2017) is coming together extremely well. We have some very exciting and important new work in this one, and we are really looking forward to sharing it all with you.

We had hoped that the issue would be out in June, but some unexpected extra pressures in work and life have slowed us down slightly, so it is now looking most likely to be a July publication. We hope that it might be out in time for the conference, but, of course, both Ben and I (along with Kyle) will be focusing much more on the conference itself in different ways the nearer it gets. After all, I have to organise the conference and Ben has to write his keynote and get to the UK from the US…

Either way, it’s all go! I may not have much time for general updates like this before the conference, but if you have any questions, please email me.

Got to go…!

All the best,