FRIDAY 12th June 2015


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9-9.30 Registration
9.30-10 Welcome
10-11 Key Questions 2: Hutan Ashrafian: The Death of Bruce Lee: A Modern Medical Perspective

 Parallel Sessions 3


Bruce Lee’s Legacies

Oliver Carter & Simon BarberThe Clones of Bruce Lee: The Political Economy of ‘Brucesploitation’

Michael MolaskyContemporary Responses to Bruce Lee Movies in Japan: Japanese Villains, Fans, Media

Maryam AzizBeyond the Dragon: Charting the influence of Bruce Lee and Black Power Activists in the rise of Martial Arts in 20th Century, African American Communities 

Historical Encounters

Scott P Phillips:  Shaking Thunder Hands: Where Martial and Performing Arts Meet in India and China

Ernest Kozin:  Martial Arts Practice and Popular Religion in Late Imperial North China: The Evidence of a Recently Discovered Manuscript



Tommaso GianniComparing martial art pedagogies: Teachings in the Leung Ting WingTsunkuen: In the EWTO-Italy-England-Germany and in the IWTA-South Korea

Charles Spring:  Professionalisation of Martial Arts: Case of University of Derby Developing a BA (Hons) Joint Honours Degree in Martial Arts with the European Wing Tsun Organisation in Heidelberg Germany

Ian Kenvyn & Alexander BoydThe challenge of developing an effective coach education process when dealing with an ancient embodied knowledge system; the evolution of a coaching foundation degree for a Chinese Daoist embodied learning and practice system.

12.30-2 Lunch

Historical European Martial Arts 2: 

Daniel Jaquet“That’s how they handled longswords“: Historical European Martial Arts, towards a critical definition of a concept.

Eric BurkartMemorizing Martial Arts: The 14th Century Notebook of an Erudite Martial Artist in the Tradition of Johannes Liechtenauer (Nuremberg, Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Hs. 3227a)

Sixt WetzlerGlíma-wrestling in medieval Iceland: Technical characteristics and social functions in the light of Old Norse literature

Women’s Martial Arts 2

Helen Owton: Performative Female Boxing Embodiment

Catherine Phipps“I’m not the Type of Person who does Yoga”: Women, ‘Hard’ Martial Arts and the Quest for Exciting Significance

George Jennings: Sharing Women’s Stories of Martial Arts: Language, Audience and the Life of Marisela Ugalde, the Founder of Xilam


Martin Meyer:  Doormen Fraternities and their Resemblance and Affinity to Martial Arts Societies

Anna Seabourne‘The students create the teacher’: Participation in a martial art’s community of practice.

Discussant: Paul Bowman

3.30-4 break
4-5.30 Choreographies of Gender

Luke White & susan pui san lokThrough the Window – Wing Chun as Woman Warrior

Gladys MacWen, Wu, and Romantic Love: The Xia and Masculinities in Jin Yong’s Wuxia Novels

PD Hyunseon Lee: Martial Body in Akira Kurosawa’s Early Films

From Taijiquan to Mindfulness and back again

Giles Yeates & Tamara Russell: Beyond Mindfulness: Introducing constructs and practices from Chinese Martial Arts into Western healthcare

Gehao Zhang: Bodily Sense and Spiritually Sensibility: the practices of Tai Chi Quan in the UK

Mark Langweiler & Stephanie SachsenmaierOn Not Neglecting the Near for the Far: The Practice of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan

5.30pm Closing Keynote: Professor Meaghan Morris (Sydney, Lingnan)

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