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THURSDAY 11th June 2015

9-9.30 Registration
9.30-10 Welcome & Introduction
10-11am Keynote: Dr Ben Judkins, Kung Fu Tea

Parallel Sessions 1



Parallel Session 1:

Women’s Martial Arts 1

Anna KavouraWomen Fighters as the Agents of Change: A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Case Study from Finland

Chloe MacleanFriendships Worth Fighting for: Emotional Bonds between Women and Men Karate Athletes as Sites for Deconstructing Gender Inequality

Alex Channon & Chris MatthewsSubverting Gender through Combat Sports: Sketching the Limits of Optimism

Parallel Session 2:

Martial Mediations

Wayne WongFrom Ip Man to Chen Zhen: Metaphormosis of Traditional Kung Fu Masters in (Post)Modernity

Tim TrauschMartial Arts Television Series as Medium and Text

Kyle BarrowmanSick Man of America: Steven Seagal and the Legacy of Hollywood Action Aesthetics

Parallel Session 3:

Martial Science

Magnus Stenius“Just be Natural With Your Body” The Paradox of Studying Pain Phenomenologically in Mixed Martial Arts Fighting

Keith Kernspecht & Dominique BrizinCombatology: in search of a unifying theory of fighting

Mario StallerBridging the Gap: Investigating Effectiveness in Self-Defence

12.30-2  Lunch
2-3pm Key Questions 1: Sixt WetzlerComparative martial arts studies as a cultural-historical discipline: Possible objects, necessary sources, applicable methods.
3-3.30 Break

Parallel Sessions 2



Historical European Martial Arts 1


Brian PriceAristotle and the Martial Arts of Medieval Europe: The Idea of “Arte”, Pedagogical Method and Historical Context in the Surviving Fechtbuchen

Alexander HayThe art and politics of Fence: Subtexts and ideologies of late 16th Century fencing manuals

Els DomThe analysis of the organization and regulation of full contact martial arts in Flanders


Raymond TsangBeyond Transnational and National Cinema – Chinese Martial Arts Cinema in Recent Decades

Melissa M ChanFragmentation of Chineseness in The Martial Arts Films of Wong Kar-wai

Hiu M ChanMo Lei Tau Style: Stephen Chow and His Martial Arts Embodiment in Hong Kong Cinema

Meaning Making

Agnes KanizsaiBody, combat and transmission in Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko’s The Legend of Korra

Paul HiltonKung Fu, time-honoured traditions, rethinking the DNA of 12 animation principles

Martin MinarikTaekwondo Poomsae Competition as Theatrical Exhibition – Semiotics Versus Performative Aesthetics

5-5.15pm Break
5.15-6.30 Keynote: Professor Douglas Farrer (Guam)

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